KLIO® Glass Partitions offer inspiring workspaces for your aspiring teams… KLIO® strikes the perfect balance of elegance functionality and durability giving you complete value for money on your investment. Our Partition Systems stimulate energy and positivity as they introduce a lot of light into a rather plain. and a bland environment.

KLIO® Partition Systems also stylize your complete office layout, while making the most of every inch of your office workspace. The partitions are available in color, frosted, fire, and sound rated glass.


  • Available in Both Single and Double Glazed
  • Simple to Install and Relocate
  • Powerful Acoustic Performance
  • Durable and Long-Lasting


KLIO® Glass Sliding Folding Partition System

KLIO® Fully Glazed Partitions are the perfect choice for bustling offices, that need some quiet spaces, Available in a variety of different types of acoustics rated safety glass, fully glazed glasses offer up to 36 dB sound insulation, ensuring that your employees have their privacy and yet at the same time fee! better and closer to their colleagues.

The partitions are easy to install & move and cause minimum disruption to your existing setup, They can also be assembled and disassembled quickly without any structural modifications.

Moreover, they use less space, are less expensive, and deliver the new trend of making the office environment open, fun, and engaging.


KLIO® Solid Sliding Folding Partition System

Designed for your eyes, engineered for your ears, Our exquisite double glazed partition systems offer un-paralleled acoustic ratings.

For effective soundproofing double glazed partitions are highly recommended. Double glazed partitions cut off external noise by alternating the mixture of laminated and toughened glass thickness that acts as an absorber of sound. Giving your employees

the peace and tranquility whenever they need it. Moreover, the partitions are easy to install and add a rich feel to your setup.