There is more to KLIO® partitions than meets the eye. The elegance and the beauty of their design compliment the functional aspects of structural strength, durability, and acoustical isolation.

KLIO® offers you many creative options to make a great first impression. It gives you the freedom to recreate & stylize your office and reflect your corporate philosophy With a huge choice of styles, a kaleidoscope of stunning colors and finishes, and an enhanced acoustic performance, KLIO® is the first choice of modern workspaces today.

KLIO® Fully Glazed Re-locatable and Demountable Partition Systems keep the workplace looking open, making work more enjoyable, healthy, and engaging. It also strikes the right balance between the need for privacy and the need for interaction.


Long-lasting tempered glass

For sliding door glass panels we use only uniform tempered glass which is both strong and sustained. Such glass can stand large impacts and marks and is almost solid in office conditions.

Soft closing technology

To protect edges from splitting, we use special sliding door hardware with an anti-chock braking method. It assures soft closing and guards the entry and users upon collision damage.

Working evenly for 25 years

The door hardware we use has strongly given a test of 100,000 opening and closing periods. This indicates it can operate sleekly for about 25 years.

Responsive design’s

While the glass area is high, there is always a risk that someone will fail to understand the glass and will attempt to walk into it. The line pattern, as well as frosted glass coating help, stop these hazards.

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You can pick the measurement, quantity, and finish of glass panels as well as add a border frame and stripe design to them to improve safety and make a touch of fashionable into your place.

We ensure proper fixtures of sliding glass door systems even in complicated conditions, such as odd walls, roofs, and platforms.
We provide a hardware warranty as well as repair and maintenance services for one year after installation to give you full silence of the mind.








Design Features

Our Designs Leave a Mark on your employees and your customers. Be it a classic or contemporary setup, KLIO® Partitions never looks out of place. It fluidly and fluently accentuates your aesthetics giving it a sense of space and classiness, clean, and modern design

Natural Light

From Light to Lightness our partitions offer all. Natural light is glass second nature and it makes any space feel bigger and brighter. Moreover, the effect of light on KLIO® Partitions adds a delicate yet accentuated effect.

Cost Effective And Durable

Glass Never Goes Out of Style, Also KLIO® Partitions are long lasting, do not tarnish or deteriorate and last much longer than other building components, when used well.

Open Communication

No Hidden Secrets Behind the Big Walls. Glass fosters open communication and works towards an inclusive organizational culture. Our sleek & clear partition system makes your employees feel included as part of an open team, with a high sense of belonging.

Noise Reduction

Accessible Yet Undisturbed. KLIO® acoustic glass partition systems are engineered to maximize acoustic performance without compromising on aesthetics. KLIO® comes with a double-glazed unit that acts as an absorber of noise to prevent sound frequencies from vibrating from one pane of glass to the other. This cuts off all external noise and helps your employees to work in peace.